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The Snow Line is a literary horror short about a young boy named Will who lives on the top of a mountain with his father. On his 13th birthday, Will's father agrees to take him hunting, and Will discovers that the world was overrun by the dead twelve years prior. Along the way, Will learns why he and his father live on top of a mountain, where nothing lives or grows, above the snow line.

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Part of the popular Armchair Reader series, the 320-page Christmas Unwrapped takes an inside look at the historical, interesting, irreverent, and funny tales of Christmas. Here is a sample of what is in the book: Discover your inner St. Nicholas at SantaCon, where hundreds of people dress as Santa Claus to create Santarchy. Beware the Icelandic Yule Cat. If you don t get a present of clothing, it will eat you. Meet Krampus, a lecherous creature that visits Austria before the holidays. Learn how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Italy, and other countries and who brings gifts to those children. Discover the story behind why we kiss under mistletoe. Read about the most popular Christmas toys ever, including those that caused riots at toy stores.

Citizen Kane

"Orson Welles - Painter" at Senses of Cinema (Article)

Citizen Kane, rightly so, owes much of its fame to its deep-focus effects, but Orson Welles' staging of shots also points to a whole host of pictorial references. Michael Riedlinger's analysis uncovers Welles' 'painterly' eye for composition.