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In response to: Thoughts on my Mom

Comment from: Pops [Visitor]  

Awesome, Thank you! Thanks for making me cry, thank you for everything. Love you guys.

12/16/13 @ 08:48

In response to: Thoughts on my Mom

Comment from: Janet (Witz)Johnson [Visitor]
Janet (Witz)Johnson

What a wonderful tribute to your mom.Have not seen any of you and your family for so many years.but we are still family.i am putting you all in my prayers.

12/04/13 @ 16:47

In response to: Thoughts on my Mom

Comment from: Brandon [Visitor]

Time is infinitely long and short all at the same time :)

12/03/13 @ 21:58

In response to: Thoughts on my Mom

Comment from: Cassi [Visitor]  

Thank you for writing this and subsequently posting to Facebook which lead me to read it. Holidays can be hard in some ways especially if you have lost someone close or know you are losing someone. I personally needed this now and appreciate that you posted. Tho I’m not the one usually called I am simply a text message away. Thank you for being you.

12/03/13 @ 21:52

In response to: Why Worrying About Book Piracy Is A Waste Of Time

Comment from: Ceetar [Visitor]

good points. Worth extrapolating on the fame bit too. The people that read/consume something, that know about it, the more likely they are to spend money on other related items. Torrents may not increase your income, but they’ll increase your customer base.

Well, if what you’ve written is good anyway.

02/07/13 @ 17:43

In response to: Creative Cannibalism

Comment from: Theresa (Resee) Andresen [Visitor]
Theresa (Resee) Andresen

Thank you for sharing this. *hugs*

I have some shelving designs to draw up now. :)

06/25/12 @ 08:28

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ergasia apo to spiti

ergasia apo to spiti
I really enjoy the blog post.Much thanks again.

01/18/12 @ 11:14

In response to: Confessions of A Word Junkie

Comment from: Mandy [Visitor]

Reading gets me going. I start to read a book, and next thing I know, the muse comes knocking, telling me to put that shit down because she has an idea for me. The other thing that works for me is hiking in the woods. I always bring a notebook hiking and often end up sitting in the middle of the woods scribbling.

Either way, I’m learning that the less time I spend at the computer, the more work I get done. It’s a strange paradox that I’m still working to manage considering I need to sit at the computer to type up my work and revise it.

12/07/11 @ 04:50

In response to: The Dark Places

Comment from: Noodle [Visitor]

Usually reading posts longer than a page is physically impossible for most of the population these days because of the massive ADHD epidemic. This blog is an exception hands down.

“It’s better to be good than evil, but one achieves goodness at a terrific cost” ~Stephen King 8-D

11/27/11 @ 20:56