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Is this thing on?

by Michael  

I do well for myself. My job puts me in a higher tax bracket than most, but it's also taught me that you don't "do what you love" necessarily (though if you can, high five), you do what you can and make it pay off. In the last three years doing what I d… more »

Milestones; or Reflection On A Happy Birthday To Me

by Michael  

    Thirty-five. There was a time when I seriously didn’t think I’d make it to this age. Some of that was just being young and unimaginative, but there was one time, the first time I failed out of college, that I gave myself the unimaginable goal of b… more »

Why Worrying About Book Piracy Is A Waste Of Time

by Michael  

    This began as a response to Chuck Wendig's “Why I Hope You Won't Pirate My Book” post at Teribleminds. Go read it and buy all his stuff. You won't be sorry. I agree with Chuck that artists, especially writers, should get paid. I wouldn't work… more »

Creative Cannibalism

by Michael  

    The curse of the creative mind is that it will always question the validity of what it dreams up. At its heart, that’s actually okay. We are creative because we question. We are constantly seeking out new possibilities, and that’s where our ideas… more »

Confessions of A Word Junkie

by Michael  

Look, for a lot of us, writing is like a drug. We got a little taste, probably as kids, and we just couldn't stop. Fiction, poetry, and even academic writing consume us. It doesn't matter, really, as long as we get to sling some ink and manipulate words… more »

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