The Bitch Is Back

by Michael  

Thank you, Sir Elton...


So how do I start? Do I recount all of the hells I’ve been through? Do I just juxtapose what you know with the worst of it? Do I drop bars about losing jobs over liking writing over editing? 

Mayhap none of it. In my healing process I have learned that I’m dangerous. Sometimes that refers to my mental health issues, but most often it’s not. That’s made people scramble. Yes, I can be manipulated and pushed into undesirable responses. Anyone can, but I’m an easier target. God help you if you make that happen though, because that makes me engage my learning centers, and this is one autodidact that likes the LAW.

Laws of the Night, Laws of the Apocalypse, Laws of Wisconsin, ... take those in stride. One was for an entire state, the other was ten times as complex. Let’s roll.

In the mean time, my psychotherapist has been helping me a lot. I got accused of rape for trying to maintain my boundaries and NOT have sex with a woman. That’s a thing. Wouldn’t be the first time my reluctance to engage in “the fun way” was met with derision. Hi, Wendy, it’s been 23 years, but I thought I was being “resoectful”. Consent works both ways.

In the meantime, if I seem small, I am. On purpose.


I want to blow the roof off of what my friends in the SGM community have been dealing with in the gaming arena. I want to boast to you all about the Other Side of Pharma. I want to share pictures of my kids hunting Pokémon in the wild, because that’s NOT slowing down. I want to open up to you about what one side of a mutually abusive relationship looks like, and I want to ruminate about why this is so common and why we need talk about it. There’s a lot of reasons out there my friends (MWFA?), but not a whole lot of resolution... let’s get on it?

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