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Milestones; or Reflection On A Happy Birthday To Me

by Michael  

    Thirty-five. There was a time when I seriously didn’t think I’d make it to this age. Some of that was just being young and unimaginative, but there was one time, the first time I failed out of college, that I gave myself the unimaginable goal of b… more »

Why Worrying About Book Piracy Is A Waste Of Time

by Michael  

    This began as a response to Chuck Wendig's “Why I Hope You Won't Pirate My Book” post at Teribleminds. Go read it and buy all his stuff. You won't be sorry. I agree with Chuck that artists, especially writers, should get paid. I wouldn't work… more »

Steal This Blog Post!

by Michael  

Ask yourself this: Who is your favorite author and how did you first come to read their work? Did you receive the book as a gift? Did you check it out of the library? Have you EVER checked a book out of the library? Part of the problem with anti-pi… more »