About Dorkgasm

About Dorkgasm

by Michael  

Back in 2007, I was faced with an interesting problem. I needed to get "real world experience" as a writer in order to complete my BA. Okay, shouldn't be a problem to find an internship, right? Except, I was in Wisconsin, and there really wasn't much in the way for opportunity near my school. Sure, I could abandon my family and go intern in Georgia or New York for a while, but being a logical realist, I said "EFF THAT!" and came up with a new plan. With some help from supportive family like my mother and step-dad, and friends like Sean "Itty" Fletcher, I started Dorkgasm.com.  It was a glorious plan. Dorkgasm would be home to a new generation of writers who would embrace some of the flare of Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo Journalism and combine it with a specific, nerd-centric bent. We were well informed, well educated, and full of fire. We ran around to conventions, film festivals, and enjoyed recognition as full-fledged journalists.

Like all stories though, we hit a bump in the road. Person shake-ups, marriage break-ups, and the general mish-mash of life caught up with us. The site floundered as I began concentrating on my work as a freelance writer. Then I started work on my MA. It's now 2011. Through the course of the last year, I've learned a great deal about writing and web design, and I decided to turn my attentions back to Dorkgasm. My needs are different now though. I'm older, and so are my kids. I still curse a lot, but less than I once did. I packed up the old site, stuffed it in a box so people could still read all the old articles, and started coding. This is only part of the new Dorkgasm, one that revolves around me and my work, and my thoughts on whatever strikes my fancy. So, a lot changes, but more stays the same. I hope it lives up to expectations.


--Michael C. Riedlinger, Dork-in-Chief

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