Warriors coming to the iPhone | Comics News

Dabel Bros Publishing and iVerse announced today that they are teaming up to bring comics to the iPhone.  First up is our friend David Atchison's The Warriors. What's even better is that the first issue will be free to download, with subsequent issues running only ninety-nine cents!  

IRAN: Why I keep posting updates from Iran on Twitter and Facebook

I am a journalist. I am a proud member of the Milwaukee Press Club, and I've been writing and self publishing articles for the last two years. I haven't made a single dime doing it, but I AM doing it. There are a lot of people out there in my position who are just as broke and have no job, but they've chosen to take retail positions, technical writing jobs, and other various career paths because they do not want to starve. I can't fault them for that. I've been trying to do the same. Until I do, however, I feel I have a responsibility to spread information. News is like that, and usually, to be honest, I don't have much to do because the main stream media outlets pretty much have it covered. This is especially true in my chosen field of journalism: entertainment. Hell, even CNN has it's own version of Access Hollywood. But then the elections in Iran went wrong, and I found myself in a pretty weird place.

Watching The Watchmen | News

A Look at the Stars of the Upcoming Movie
Kenneth Holm
Senior Staff Writer

            Well, I cannot believe that I am saying this, but it is only about a week until we see Watchmen on the silver screen. This has been a long road for comic book fans, and an even longer road for the studios that have been involved with it. Consider this: there have been plans to do a Watchmen movie since the lat eighties. Now, however, not even frivolous lawsuits can stop the juggernaut that this movie has become. You see the trailers everywhere you look and there's always a story online about it. Hell, even the soundtrack is awesome! However, there is always one thing that can make or break a movie... Actors.

The Official Death of HD-DVD

Toshiba held a press conference on Tuesday Night and officially announced to all that they would no longer be manufactoring, marketing or developing any HD-DVD players or recorders. The good news for anyone who supported the format before its death is that Toshiba will still provide full support and after-sales services to you. It's like getting a really crappy parting gift from a game show after you lost $25,000 dollars and have to go back home.

Harlan Ellison and the new Star Trek remake

As you all know J.J. Abrams is currently working on a reinvention of the Star Trek universe, well according news around the internet the man who wrote "The City on the Edge of Forever", the one and only Harlan Ellison is very upset that some of his story is ending up in the new Star Trek film and is said that a lawsuit may happen in the immediate future. Also producer James Cawley has seen the newly redesigned Starship Enterprise is has been quoted online that he is not happy with the look.

Bring It On: ZOMBIES!!!!!

They say it causes nausea and headaches but we all know what these classic signs lead to:
A fireball fell from the sky and slammed into southern Peru over the weekend, creating a huge crater that emitted a sickeningly smelly gas, local authorities said. More than 600 villagers fell ill, the Peruvian radio network RPP reported Tuesday.
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