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Sorry for the down time folks. We had a few issues with spammers and I had to pull us down for a bit. From here on out, if you're a user from China or the former Soviet Union, I'll enjoy blocking your IP when you create user names like "buymoreuggboots771", and to the dude in Germany who tried to brute force his/her way into our database:



Hey Folks,
Sysop  Dork-In-Chief here, letting you know that the WYSIWYG editor is now LIVE!!! 


This means I no longer have to free hand all the HTML in articles.  For those in the know, that's a good thing!

Coming Soon: Jim Butcher Interview and more

Sorry we took the week off without warning, but between school and life, something had to give. Very soon I should have the Jim Butcher interview up for your viewing pleasure, as well as bits from the audience Q&A he did afterward! Also, reviews from me, Ken and Cheryl, and maybe a few surprises along the way!

Gonzo is God,
Michael C. Riedlinger


So that's over... What a year, huh?

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know what's on the horizon here at Dorkgasm for 2008.

We will not publish a VILLAIN OF THE WEEK this week (1/4/08) because next week we are publishing VILLAIN OF THE YEAR 2007, and boy is it a doozy. Some of you have said we are the Drudge Report or Dork Culture. Just wait till next week and you'll see how true that is! Fuck the fans? All I can say is: WE ARE THE FANS!

Why so serious?

Thanks for all the fish

To all that have helped with this site so far this year, I give thanks!

To Joel Bolyard: Thank you sir for the level head and the shared sense of vision. Damn, we're on the right path now, aren't we? Good luck on the GRE later this year, and let's see where we can take this in the meanwhile.

To Chris Anderson: Thank you for the amazing work getting the site up and keeping it running smoothly!


We at Dorkgasm are proud to send our regards and congrats to recent graduate Chris Anderson, A.K.A. SYSOP! Kick ass Chris! Now let's get REALLLLLLY drunk!

New stuff to shill

Just got

Comic life for the mac.... PVTSP is coming...

Coming Along Nicely

Been having a blast learning the software.

Update: Well, I've added Recent Articles, Most Popular, Hierarchical Categories, some test RSS news feeds and I'm working on user profiles. Not bad for a morning's work.

Let me know if you find any bugs, odd behavior.

Building to Dorkgasm

As you may notice, this site is heavily under construction. In fact, you shouldn't even be here. Why the hell are you here? Who told you to come here? Not me. Anyway, I'm rapidly building the entire world to Dorkgasm. Stay tuned. Update: Try and prevent a dorkgasm now!
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