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Alice | In Case You Missed It...

Down the Hole Again
Jenny Sobczak

Syfy likes reimagining books and turning them into mini-series. At the end of 2007, The Wizard of Oz became Tinman, with Zooey Deschanel as DG and Neal McDonough as Cain, also known as the titular Tin Man. Last December 6th and 7th, Alice in Wonderland became Alice, the story of a black-belt who accidentally follows her boyfriend and his abductors through the looking glass and into another world. Once there, the viewers recognize that they’re not in the Wonderland from the novel. Written and directed by Nick Willing, Alice shows us what Wonderland might look like in modern times, almost 150 years after the novel was written.

Ginger Snaps | In Case You Missed It

Are You There, Talbot? It’s me, Margaret
Jenny Sobczak
Staff Writer

How do you market a werewolf movie to teenage girls? Include some decent looking guys, some metaphors so obviously about puberty that they’re hardly metaphors, and some catty girl-on-girl hatred. With a crazy mother, obsessed with the fact that her daughters are growing up, Ginger Snaps isn’t only a werewolf movie for girls. The Canadian flick found a cult following and spawned both a sequel and a prequel. I finally had a chance to catch this film when IFC showed it last month, and let me just say I can see why it’s a cult hit.

Inglorious Basterds | Film Review

Not-so Glorious Basterds
Trevor Curtis
Staff Writer

Ok, by now the mainstream press and the hip sites like AintitCool have done their usual fellating of Mr. Taratino’s latest opus. He’s being hailed worldwide for a revisionist masterpiece. The only problem? It simply isn’t so.

Hot Rod | In Case You Missed it...

Grilled Cheese Vs. A Taco
J. Sternberg
Staff Writer

            I didn't really know what to expect when I began to watch 2007's Hot Rod, starring Andy Samberg and the always adorable Isla Fisher. A comedy about an amateur stuntman, his crew, starring a someone from SNL and produced by Will Ferrell really had all the potential in the world to hit a wall and go up in smoke. Within five minutes from the opening credit, I knew what to expect.

The Salton Sea | In Case You Missed It...

Did You Bring Plastic Men? By J. Sternberg
            If you never forgave Val Kilmer for what he did to Batman, I think you should see The Salton Sea. In what is arguably his defining role, the Kilmer plays a character you never saw coming in, oddly enough, a film you most likely haven't seen.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story | In Case You Missed It...

Even If You’re Famous By J. Sternberg
            Imagine if you will, the geniuses at Saturday Night Live (back before it started to suck) did a 2.25 hour long parody of VH1's Behind the Music. You got the image? Great, now make it really, really funny. Include copious amounts of dick and fart humor, more non-sequiturs than an entire season of family guy and you have quite possibly the funniest movie of 2007, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. All hyperbole aside, this film is funny enough to make a gay man go straight, a genius go retarded, and a stuck up film elitist douchebag critic/comedian (cough me cough cough) laugh until they almost choked.

Hostel: Part II | In Case You Missed It...

Goooaaalll! By J. Sternberg
            I've had arguments with more than one friend of mine as to what Eli Roth's masterpiece has been so far. I've always thought that the original Hostel is a work of art. A film that challenges the boundaries of what is acceptable as far as sexuality and violence in cinema. Cabin Fever on the other hand, while also exceptional, doesn't work so hard to challenge your perceptions, but works on a camp value and has a gore level that's second to none. The merit of both films is far from questioning, but when it comes down to what will inevitably be the timeline of Roth, where will Hostel: Part II land?
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