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Death Walks the Streets comics 2011 | Trailer Park

Hey, it's new to them, it's new to us, now it's new to you.

Trailer Park | January 2010

So the year kicks off with some seriously cool stuff playing before the movies. Yeah, 2009 sucked balls, and we know it. Let's take a look at Hollywood's first attempt to make up for hosing us last year!

Click below to see trailers and reviews for: The A-Team, Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass, Cop Out, Karate Kid, Knight & Day, Repo Men, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Clash of the Titans, Robin Hood, Kick-Ass (red-band).

The Book of Eli and more | Trailer Park

Of course, the buzz this week is on the new Nightmare on Elm Street trailer, but then I saw this, and it got bumped to number two on this weeks list! Check it out!

Click below to watch trailers for A Nightmare on Elm Street, From Paris With Love (from the makers of Taken), and I Love You Phillip Morris

Solomon Kane and more | Trailer Park

Rob Roy vs The Balrog! HOT!! Okay, it looks better than that, but it could easily turn into the kind of garbage SyFy usually dumps on us, so I'll wait and see...

Click below to see trailers for Surrogates, Alice in Wonderland, and Twilight: New Moon

Boondock Saints 2 Red Band and more! | Trailer Park

Well the boys are back, and between this and Inglorious Basterds, there might be enough gratuitous violence to piss off Tipper Gore this year! Click below to see trailers for The Road, Agora, The Men Who Stare at Goats, and Christopher Nolan's kick-ass looking INCEPTION... Check out that last one for sure!

Wolfman and more | Trailer Park

As a huge fan of the original, I had my doubts... But now I'm stoked!!!
Click "read more" to see trailers for Ong Bak 2, New Moon (werewolves don't look like that! Didn't they watch the Wolfman trailer above?) and James Cameron's Avatar!

ONG BAK 2: The Beginning | Trailer Park

HOLY SHIT......Tony jaa IS FINALLY BACK.  Watch the Trailer that will Literally  PUNCH YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE!
It is in Thai, but it doesn't really Matter.....

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and much more! | Trailer Park

Damn, I think I wet myself!

And there's lots more where that came from! Click "read more" to see trailers for The Lovely Bones, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, Dorian Gray, The Invention of Lying, and a REDBAND TRAILIER for Legion!

Daybreakers | Trailer Park

WOW! Told ya'll vampires don't fucking sparkle!

Inglorious Basterds | Trailer Park

"Blow up the basket..." BEST PLAN EVER!

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