if you are here, then obviously you are interested in this thing called dorkgasm. well, enough getting interested, GET INVOLVED!

we're setting up solid meeting times, submission scheduals, etc. and need for all you dorks out there looking to contribute to come to the Dork Side.

what i need from all of you is your contact information. i need email and phone numbers, as well as consistent times that you would have free for an hour-ish meeting each week. give me multiple times. we're planning on a couple of meeting a week to accommodate everyone's schedules

A Conversation about RPGs

American Horror Films

The State of American Horror Movies By Jason Strandberg, Korean Correspondent
My friends, as a movie buff, I am saddened at the state of the American cinema. As a loyal fan of horror movies for a number of years, I am extremely pissed off at what the horror movie has become in the United States. Years ago this genre of film, although not lucrative, was always pushing the boundaries of conventional fare. It pushed filmmakers to be highly creative and touch on elements of life that were considered taboo by the rest of society.

It Came From Lake Michigan Fundraiser

It Came From Lake Michigan Fundraiser By Kenneth Holm and Michael Riedlinger

Through the Tesseract: A Dorky Childhood Revisited

Through the Tesseract: A Dorky Childhood Revisited


Joel R. Bolyard

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