Egg and Cheese Biscuit

What really grinds my gears?
A Food Review
Peter Griffin
Emperor Kursan

            When approached with the idea of writing something for Dorkgasm, I tossed around many ideas, ideas such as, my deep hatred of the Underworld Series or maybe even Electra. But those will have to be saved for another day, as today one of my greatest and most powerful pet peeves reared its ugly head. Consequently, I had no choice but to address it, as the blinding rage that it induces will push all other coherent and civilized thought out of my brain.


Fangoria's Fire Water Burn

Something Is Rotten In The State Of Illinois By: Kenneth Holm Dorkgasm Senior Staff Writer
            Many of our readers are aware of two of the most famous dork magazines in this world. Fangoria and Starlog both cater to the dork culture crowd with horror and science fiction coverage respectively. Both are owned by Kable News Co., which keeps a warehouse in Oregon, IL., or rather “kept”.

DORKcast: Chapter 2 is live!

Chapter Two of the DORKcast is now live! Wondering about whether there's going to be another Constantine movie? Is Hellboy 2 ever going to be seen? What about the strike? All there questions and more are answered in this week's DORKcast.

IPic Entertainment

Why the “Night Out” is About to Change
Michael C. Riedlinger

            When it comes to movie theaters, sometimes it feels like a hassle. Get a crappy parking spot; wait in line for forever to get a ticket to a show where you might not get to sit with your friend or significant other; pay too much for your popcorn; wait for the movie to start in a cramped theater watching crappy trivia for half an hour, all the while lamenting that the strongest libation you can ingest is watered-down soda. Yeah, it really is that bad! Throw in dinner before, teenagers during, and nothing to do after and it all seems like more trouble than it is worth. Then an IPic Entertainment opens in town and the rules change.

DORKcast Goes Live!!

You've been waiting for it. You've been praying to myriad gods and goddesses for it. Well, now it's here.

Halloween Costumes: What Are You Trying to Say?

Halloween Costumes: What Are You Trying to Say?


Cheryl Kobs

            Ever since I was little I have always found profound joy in dressing up for Halloween. Creating a costume and disguise that I could be proud to wear around town was the greatest entertainment. As other children dreamed of the candy they would get as they went trick-or-treating, I was cooking up the most elaborate schemes for medieval witches, robots, the cookie monster and how I could really say something. Maybe that is why I am a costume designer now, who knows.

Damn you, you dirty developers. Get your shit together.

As surprising of an announcement as it was, it came as no surprise to me that two more titles, Area 51: Blacksite and Frontlines: Fuel of War, have had some issues in development on the PS3. In the case of Blacksite this has led to a massive downsizing of the online features in the game, limiting it to join, create, and play. There won't even be standard leaderboards anymore. On the other hand, the 360 version of the game will be receiving the full treatment with ranked games, unranked games, and voice chat.

Sweetest Day Special

Turn Off the Damned Video Games
Dr. Sam Kog

            Let’s face it; we all get a little obsessive about our chosen dorkdom from time to time. Maybe you waited in line for tickets to see Phantom Menace (SUCKER!), or you waited in line for hours in order to get the autograph of a semi-reclusive author (George R.R. Martin is my homeboy!).

Monsters and Misogyny

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