Jim Butcher (Part 3) | Interviews

The long awaited PART 3! Thank you all for the patience. I hope you enjoy!

Jim Butcher (Part 1) | Interviews

Parts 2 & 3 coming soon!

Jim Butcher (Part 2) | Interviews

Part 3 Coming Soon!

David Atchison | Interviews

The Writer of The Warriors Comes Out To Play:

An Interview with David Atchison


Michael C. Riedlinger



David Atchison is a writer who has exploded onto the comics scene in the last two years.  His projects are the stuff of legends.  He first worked with Rosario Dawson on Occult Crimes Taskforce.  Then, last year, he penned the occult/kung fu/ hip-hop book Method Man.  Now, Dabel Brothers Publishing has chosen him to write The Warriors, based on Walter Hill’s classic 1979 film.  The thing is, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, his IMDB listing is practically pay-per-view because his projects are all still new, and Amazon gets him confused with an ophthalmologist.  When we were presented the opportunity for some Q&A time with Mr. Atchison, you had better believe we jumped at it. 

Wayne Clingman interview

The Return of the Attack of the 50-Foot Mind of the Man that ate Lake Michigan Interview by Ken Holm
I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Wayne Clingman, the crown prince of darkness, about his horror / fantasy / sci-fi film festival called “It Came From Lake Michigan” (ICFLM) a couple days ago. He’s very passionate about making an environment where the fan is the number one priority and showing some kick-ass films is a very close second. Let’s see if what he has to say about his labor of love, shall we?

James Moloney Tells No Lies

James Moloney Interview By: Kenneth Holm Senior Staff Writer
My conversations with James Moloney began rather innocuously. I had just finished reading his novel Book of Lies and wanted to express my pleasure in reading it. Using the HarperCollins Author Web, I found his personal website.

Uwe Boll: A Long Hard Road out of Critical Hell... (Part One)

”Video game fans have their own movie in their minds. So, whatever you do as a filmmaker, bringing that game to screen, you make it wrong” - Dr. Uwe Boll on why the Internet public feels the need to vilify him
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