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Dust 514 | Video Game Reviews

From Infinity and Beyond!
J. Blaze Ward
Special Guest Writer

Anyone who has played EVE Online has learned one simple truth: cargo ships look like gigantic flying penises.

Watchmen: The End is Nigh | Video Game Review

Not Nigh Enough...
J. Sternberg
Staff Writer

            Regardless of the graphic novel/film being set in the 1980's and the game being set in the 1970's, the one thing that will hit you in the face with a lead pipe from go, is that Watchmen: The End is Nigh (available now for The Playstation Network and on Xbox Live) is definitely not up to modern standards.

Naruto: Path Of The Ninja 2 | Video Game Reviews

Naruto: Path Of The Ninja 2
A DS review
Kenneth Holm
Senior Staff Writer

            I am going to disclose this right away. I was sent this game by TOMY, the company that made the game. I was involved in a conference call in regards to this game and the other Naruto game that came out for the Wii (review for that one coming soon). So, in the interest of honesty and integrity, I will tell you right now that this is an unbiased and truthful review. With some issues coming up in the past (**coughKaneandLynchcough**), I just want to remain square with you. Now, with that aside, let us delve deep into the world of Ninjas!

Naruto: Path Of The Ninja 2 and Clash Of Ninja Revolution | Video Game Reviews

Path Of The Ninja 2 and Clash Of Ninja Revolution 2
Preview Of The Two Newest Naruto Games
Kenneth Holm
Senior Staff Writer

            Most of you already know that I have a well stated affinity for the anime and manga series Naruto. I love everything about the spiky haired ninja and his friends, as well as his foes. If you have been coming to Dorkgasm for any length of time, you know that I have to review every new Naruto game that comes out. So, when the opportunity came to have a conference call with two of the people instrumental with the creation of said games, well that is just something I could not turn down in one million years.

Grand Theft Auto IV | Video Game Reviews

All of which are American Dreams
J. Sternberg

Let me just preface this review by saying that it
A. Has NOT been paid for by Rockstar Games
B. Is completely and 100% honest
C. Has only been done after 100% completion of the Single Player Game.

Naruto: Ninja Destiny | Video Game Review

Naruto: Ninja Destiny A Nintendo DS Review By Kenneth Holm Dorkgasm Senior Staff Writer
            When we last left off with the Naruto storyline on the Nintendo DS, Naruto was fighting his way through the Chunin Exams in an RPG. This time, however, we are treated to the first 3D fighter featuring the cast of the imported ninja cartoon. I do have to say though; out of all of the Naruto fighting games, this one may be the best so far.

The Survey says, BUZZ

Buzz The Mega Quiz, PS2, 39.99 (with Buzz Buzzers)

Buzz: The Mega Quiz is a great example of how a simple concept can translate into something so much more, if people let it.
Featuring four wired "buzzers" that connect via a single USB port, the game plays just like any quiz show you would expect, and features over 6000 questions. That's right kids, Six FUCKING THOUSAND, and you know what that means, repeats aren't really much to worry about.

I object... Harvey Birdman Review

Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law-PS2, Wii, Psp

Quite simply, the biggest question I had in reviewing Harvey Birdman, was "Is this even really a game?"
Playing much like the old laser disc detective "games" we had in my 6th grade biology class, you watch a short film, and decide where to go next, the formula is hardly innovative, or fun, and hardly interactive enough to be called a game. The 4 cases are very short, incredibly easy, and chock full of the trademark William's Street humor you expect from something bearing the Adult Swim logo.

Naruto: Path of the Ninja DS

Naruto: Path Of The Ninja A Review by Kenneth Holm Dorkgasm Senior Staff Writer
            In the crash, boom, bang world of the ninja, one role-playing game stands out for the Nintendo DS. Naruto: Path Of The Ninja is currently the only RPG in America featuring the pubescent, yellow haired ninja for any video game system, and it feels like a Game Boy Advance retread. There is, of course, a good reason for that.

Rayman: Raving Rabbids

Rayman: Raving Rabbids By Jessica Riedlinger
            I do not claim to be a gamer in any sense of the word, but I, like anyone else, occasionally enjoy sitting down in front of the square box that seems to be the focal point of my living room and diverting my attention from reality with mindless video games. Rarely, however, does that diversion suck me in so completely that I feel an unnatural compulsion to explore every little detail from beginning to end. This twisted, evil little game has done just that, sucking away my life force with every second of game play. As horrible as that sounds, it has been a fun little trip down the road to oblivion.
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