Coraline | Trailer Park

A kid's story by Neil Gaiman, directed by the guy from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sweet!

My Bloody Valentine 3-D | Trailer Park

Say what you want, I think the original was a classic and this shit looks like fun.

Wolverine | Trailer Park

Now loaded with even more Xtra X-men goodness!

The Prodigy to release new album in 2009 | Music News

The Prodigy, Rave pioneers from the UK, announced that they will be releasing a new album on March 2, 2009. Currently on tour in their homeland, The Prodigy have released their first single, Invaders Must Die as a free download from . The video for the single, which is also the title of the forthcoming album, is also now on Youtube. Check it out below, hold onto your hats, and let Liam H, Kieth Flint, and Maxim blow your hats off! Turn this one up to eleven before playing!

Dance Flick!!! | Trailer Park

Fucking.... Shoot..... me. please?

Star Trek | Trailer Park

While I go change my pants, you can watch this...

Watchmen (Second Trailer) | Trailer Park

And it looks better and better, though if the rumors about the ending are true, Snyder stands to screw up the best graphic novel story ever... We'll see.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans | Trailer Park

Glad they've finally fleshed out the most interesting part of the original... I won't wait in line, but it has to be better than the touchy-feely Twilight crap coming down the pipeline! Thanks to BJ and Cheryl for pointing this out on the same day!

Like a Raised Fist

Today at 9:17am. I voted for the next President of the United States of America. Like millions of other citizens filled in the dash on my ballot and watched it get sucked, rather anticlimactically, into the ballot box. I wanted to hear bells or whistles or have streamers float down from the heavens. But no. Just a quick beep and it was done. My part in this year’s election was done.

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