Policy Regarding the Submission of Review Materials


Be it known that Dorkgasm LLC retains physical ownership of all reviewable materials, including, but not limited to, books, graphic novels, artwork, food, toys, movies, music, dinosaurs, overreaching government guidelines, toxic waste, pornography, insects, games, software, et al. Any individual or organization who submits material for review should also include appropriate return postage if they wish the material returned. If said postage is NOT included, Dorkgasm LLC, as previously stated, will hang onto the material where it may be used as we see fit. Also, be it known that if you are submitting material for review, and we don't like it, we reserve the right, NAY, THE PRIVILEGE, of tearing it apart. Dorkgasm LLC has laid out a company vision within the Declaration of Principles and all interested parties, like the FTC, should review article 2 therein.

For those that have just done a double-take, spit-take, or just plain don't know what this is all about, please review the following PDF file for more information:

Anyone still interested in providing copies of materials for review may feel free to submit said materials to Dorkgasm LLC and Dorkgasm.com at:

Dorkgasm LLC
2310 S Greenbay Rd Ste C 127
Racine, WI 53406

Digital materials may be sent to