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State of the Dork Address

I wanted to take this opportunity to make an announcement or three.

First off, Dorkgasm will be covering Chicago Comic-Con for the second year running! We'll have people on the floor, gathing information and seeking out new contacts and new stories the entire run. Last year we met with the guys from Fangoria Graphix and Dabel Brother's Publishing, and this year we look forward to seeing old faces, as well as new. If you're reading this and have a booth you think we should stop at, drop us a line in the comments or shoot us an email!

One of those covering the event, and this is our second announcement, is our new intern, Jenny! We're excited to see new writers come into the fold, and are proud to support educational pursuits. Jen's never been to Comic Con before, so we look forward to her reactions! Will she be disgusted by the unwashed masses? Or will she get so caught up in how many celebs they have lined up for this year's show? I don't know, but my money is on her finding something that catches her eye so much she forgets what time it is.

This brings us to our final announcement. As you know, it costs money to keep a company going, even one focused on publishing directly to the web. I am proud to say, we'll be online for at least another 3 years! Having said that, it can only mean that we had to re-up our contract with our server because we've been live and online for over two-years now! Not a lot of webistes do that, and though we've only got a small following, we're proud that you're along for the ride! Hell, Entertainment Weekly hasn't stopped butchering genre news, so why should we stop posting it in an informed manner?

Speaking of EW, anyone see the latest vampire issue they did? Not only is Klaus Kinski mentioned instead of Max Schreck (no offense to Herzog, but a remake is a remake), but they also run out of ideas and foolishly put Blade on their list of "best vampires". The whole article reads like it was written by a 14 year-old kinder-bat emo girl who humps her pillow at night after sneaking back from a friends to watch Twilight for the 80th time and who can't help but complain that Eric on True Blood is pretty, but "just too mean". Yeah, they still don't get it...

For a real taste of kick-ass, original vampire action, I suggest you pick up Dabel Brother's Mercy Thompson comics, or watch the Daybreakers trailer again. And to think, I used to be one of those guys who complained about Buffy? I'd welcome it back if I never had to hear about anything shimmering ever again!

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Michael C. Riedlinger