The family will once again be united.

Just to give my fellow staff writers and all the readers out there an update, the angelknight will once again be descending on the great city of Kenosha on the 21st of August and I hope to see all my friends very soon as I will be in town for 39 days before I head to Tacoma. Please do me a favor and post a few comments on this thread so I know so of you are still alive and talking to me. I hope to see all of you very soon and hope to hear from you sooner. One other note to all my fellow dork writers and associates keep up the great job on the site and the articles. Peace out and I will see all of you in about 15 days give or take.


Big Thanks

Straight serious for a moment folks, thank you to Jason and ALL service men and women out there who might be reading. Come on home boy-o, we miss you!

Gonzo Is God,