Dorkgasm Vs. The World, The Legend of Curly's Gold

On my morning commute a few weeks ago, back before the seas ran retarded with people flocking to see the Dark Knight, I was listening to the radio. Call me old fashioned, but when driving the wide open pitch black roads of Southern Wisconsin before the sun has said hello, I venture on the safe side and allow for the possibility messages from the emergency broadcast system, rather than MP3's or CDs. Yes this may be why I suffer from chronic nosebleeds and an affinity for self destructive behavior, but I suffer through all manners of audio garbage to avoid road closures and things of the ilk.
On that faithful morning I heard an "entertainment report" from a character and station I won't name, needless to say whatever God is out there will smite them eventually for being so unbelievably lame, where the guest, a prominent expert on all things "cool" in the entertainment business from the UK proudly predicted "Mamma Mia! will be a bigger box office hit than the Dark Knight.
Ya get that? Mamma Mia!, will make more money in ticket sales alone, than the Dark Knight.
I showered my dashboard with my morning energy drink and contemplated whether or not I had somehow died in my sleep and awoken in hell, but thats nothing new, and listened to every last reason this lunatic could come up with. I listened "with intensity" (Lost in Translation, well alright)
He stated that due to the huge success of Musicals lately (like Disney's cable only High School Musical 2) it was a no brainer. He said that while the Dark Knight would "clean up" with the male audience, it would leave nothing for the kids, or for the women in the audience. When asked exactly what the ABBA musical could bring to the table for those red blooded males who aren't typical into prancing and singing, he responded "well, she looks great in a bikini" referring to some young starlet in the cast, and I thought well shucks, that does sound neat! If I was ten, and this was the 1950's, and I hadn't seen scantily clad women every day of my life since my balls dropped.
My point is, this guy was out of his gourd. The problem, this guy is one of those people who's business is telling the rest of us, what is and is not cool, and is directly responsible in some fashion as it pertains to the entertainment scene in general. While he was definitely wrong, with the Dark Knight quickly racing towards becoming the most successful film of all time and Momma Mia! posting respectable but not mind blowing box office totals. (As of last update DK has grossed almost $400 million, and MM! has come close to $90 million)
My other point, is that Dorkgasm (self high five!) a better place to get your information and opinions on all things entertaining because it comes from everyday blockheads just like you. When we write a review, for anything we do so without being paid for our opinions by its corporation of release, and we review based on the individual property. We know that The Mummy isn't Citizen Kane, and we don't expect it to be that. We're not going to tell you that "this is the greatest movie ever made" because we want our quote on the back of the DVD when the film gets nominated for an Oscar, and we don't shy away from calling pretentious Oscar whoring crap as it is.
Furthermore, if you think we're out of our gourds, you can say so. How many times has Roger Ebert opened up a forum and said, go ahead, challenge me? None that I recall, and thats the beauty of what we have here.
In summary, think of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but instead of having our fingers on the pulse, or shoved far up our asses, the fingers are on the keys and the opinions are honest and authored, as opposed to obnoxious and anonymous. I'm not saying our opinions are the end all be all final and definitive word on any particular film, game, comic, etc but personally, when I'm choosing where or on what to drop my hard earned coin, I'd prefer someone give it to me straight.
I'm J Sternberg, and that's my 2 cents.