Showtime: Call Girls, Weeds, and Bullshit! | Television Review

Two Outta Three Ain't Bad
J. Sternberg

            The summer of 2008 can be a huge time for Showtime, the proverbial second banana to HBO when it comes to original series on the premium circuit. This last week the underground champion came out swinging debuting one series, and bringing back to fan favorites to a writer's strike-effected sea of fans wanting more. With their big gun Dexter out until at least this fall, how will the network fair? If these three shows are any indication, they'll do okay, at best.

            Let's start with the new kid on the block, Secret Diary of a Call Girl. After 2 episodes, I'm convinced this show is going to be one of those DVD collections that comes out six months after its initial debut with the subtitle "The Complete Series." There is no redeeming quality to this series at all. The performances are phoned-in, the camera work is fatally uninteresting, and you can summarize the plot thus far into "I'm a British hooker. You see, I'm going to do some hookering in a minute… Crikey! This chap paid my hooker ass to hooker all over his hooker loving face!"

            Dull, drab, humorless, lacking drama and/or acting ability, this show is anything but sexy and I'd put it right up there with The George Lopez Show as to programs I'd want to watch as penance if I did something horrible to the world at large. Belle says you can call her whatever you want; hooker, escort, or call girl. I'm going to go with unwatchable.

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            On to less awful programs, we have the return of Weeds, in typical fashion. Fans are already well aware that the series has always began slowly, and within 3 episodes, the Botwin clan will most likely have you hooked again. While packing less of a punch than we're accustomed to, the season premiere showed promise, and I'm anxious to see where they go from here. The cast hasn't lost a step in the six months since we saw them last, and the only real chink in the armor here is simply that the plot seems now painted in a corner. The series is starting to show its age, and it is possible this will be the last season, so expect the writers to pull out all of the stops
before season's end. Watch it.

            Last but not least Penn and Teller's BULLSHIT! has returned in a big way. Starting with a great episode on the war on pornography, the duo's oft utilized libertarian politics come out swinging with a great debut to a show that has yet to fail its audience. Thought provoking, hilarious, and incredibly biased, this one sided debate program still has its charm and hasn't lost an ounce of charisma since its debut. You may not agree with their politics, you may not agree with their practices, but you can't fault these two Vegas showmen for constantly coming up with new topics to grease the mental gears. Several years since the show began, you can see some of the punch lines coming from a mile away, but in the end you've got nothing but great uncut, uncensored television.

As Meat Loaf once sang, two out of three ain't bad.

- J. "Well Meat Loaf ain't paying my fucking cable bill!" Sternberg


Bullshit Bullshit

Penn and Teller : Bullshit is Bullshit


Ted Allen

Don't misplace your uncontrollable desire to choke the fuck out of somebody, these two help develop your anxieties( and sometimes your stress). That’s Penn and Teller dispelling myths and fantasies with facts and both sides of this biased debate. Penn, the showman of all showmen, out shinning P.T. himself and Teller (who probably is responsible for the “C” on the Apollo Moon rock, but will never tell) the great entertaining prop man, dazzle us with 30 minutes of serious, concise and factual distillation of true personal quandaries of life’s most dangerous fabrication, also known as bullshit. These two giants of men (Well Penn anyways) help us separate common notions and misleading bullshit with true finesse, showmanship and comedy.
Bullshit is a true service documentary that is entertaining and funny. The show is, also what every show should be, factual and educational. I personally would like to see them replace Dr. Phil but Penn wouldn’t want to give up any vocal freedom as that.
I am sure that once Mrs. Clinton examine the facts and watched the disheartening show on video game violence she would rush to tell all in recant.
Seriously, this bullshit is the best bullshit of all the bullshit on t.v., I personally think Penn & Teller are ther greatest, thank you and to all the people behind the scenes also. The world needs to rip the fuckin’ remote out of the fuckin’ hands of your mass murdering game playing whatever and watch the fuckin’ bullshit show before 2012.
P.S. I need that reverse mortgage phone number again, please send.