Coming Soon: Jim Butcher Interview and more

Sorry we took the week off without warning, but between school and life, something had to give. Very soon I should have the Jim Butcher interview up for your viewing pleasure, as well as bits from the audience Q&A he did afterward! Also, reviews from me, Ken and Cheryl, and maybe a few surprises along the way!

Gonzo is God,
Michael C. Riedlinger


Are we going to see the

Are we going to see the third part of your interview with Jim Butcher?

Jim Butcher Interview

As a matter of fact, you will. There have been some changes in corporate structure here at Dorkgasm, and my summer math class has cut into my video editing time. I promise to complete the third part by the end of August and I also hope to have footage up from his Q&A with the fans afterwards.

Thanks for hanging in there!

Gonzo Is God,

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the update!


Is part 3 not out yet? Cause a simple search of "butcher" on your website only shows this then parts 2 and 1 and no 3.

I'm a lout

To be honest, it's not yet. What should be a simple matter of firing up the editing suite and cutting a dumb question here or too many "uhhh"s there is taking a back seat to a combination of family issues and my senior thesis... Damn, no one told me this college stuff got hard. Rest assured, however, that I do beat myself up over it every time I have to crack open Beowulf instead though... Stupid Grendel's mom acting more like a stupid man... Grrr... Gonzo Is God, Michael