About Dorkgasm

Dorks.... They are everywhere...

Don't believe me? Look at the last few years worth of box office receipts. What are the most popular movies? Books? Television shows? All of them are linked to genre properties. Comic Books, Video Games, Science fiction, Horror, Fantasy... These are the types of entertainment we ALL love!

Look, you're here because of one of two reasons:

1. You made a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

2. You're a DORK.

Now, let's settle something real quick. Dorks do NOT live in their mom's basements, lamenting about never having seen a real woman naked while wearing their Ren Fair costume from when they only weighed 300 pounds... That stereotype might exist, just like any other in this world, but it doesn't really apply to anyone I know.

The mass media, on the other hand, seems to think that we ARE socially retarded. Read any mainstream press articles about the San Diego Comic Con if you need proof of this. They seem to be shocked that the convention is often populated by "normal folk"; men and women who have real lives and real jobs and who REALLY enjoyed comics, movies, and fiction...

I shake my head and flip to their movie reviews... and I nearly wretch most of the time. When a movie comes out, we ask our friends "What was it like"? Meanwhile, our contemporaries in the world of film criticism seem only to concern themselves with "What was it about?" and "Did I like it compared to the AFI Top 100?", but never really whether or not it was FUN, ENTERTAINING, or had some sort of underpinning AESTHETIC VALUE. Frankly, I don't care that Lisa Schawrzbaum thinks Daniel Radcliffe is hot, because it says nothing about the latest Harry Potter film except that it fueled her creepy obsession with younger men. SURE, she may say she likes fantasy and sci-fi, but I'll be damned if she doesn't come across as ashamed and apologetic of that fact.

Dorkgasm seeks to remedy a few of these wrongs in our society by providing a journalistic alternative. We're more concerned with the experience, first and foremost. Is something fun, entertaining, enjoyable? For that matter, we also care about stuff that DOESN'T get reviewed elsewhere. Pen and paper games, card games, graphic novels, books that don't make the best-seller list (and some that do), and the technology that brings it all to us in the end. We also freely acknowledge that we are PART OF THE STORY. Reviews, articles, and interviews that attempt to remove the journalist are lying to you. They want you to believe that there is a mythical world where journalists aren't biased in some way by how they experience a story or under what circumstances the subjects they are writing about relate to other aspects of their lives. We call SHENANIGANS! You shouldn't buy into that lie; we certainly do not.

We're subcultural elitists, and we know it. We look down our nose at the bastards at the office who wouldn't respect us for owning an original Jack Kirby instead of a Manet. We applauded the gal who makes the Princess Bride reference in the middle of her business meeting. We're Dorks. We're you...

To paraphrase the late, great Hunter S. Thompson: you've bought the ticket, now take the ride...

Gonzo is God,

Michael C. Riedlinger