Villain Of The Year 2007: Matthew S. Harrison / Matt Pletcher’s Villain Of The Year

Matthew S. Harrison / Matt Pletcher

By Kenneth Holm Dorkgasm Senior Staff Writer

Folks, 2007 has just ended. We can look back upon those interesting 365 days with a wiser eye now, as hindsight is usually 20/20. It was hard to pick only one person to be our villain of the year. There have been many abominations committed in the Dork Culture landscape this past year, many of which still leave a bitter and rancid taste in my mouth. However, in the closing days of 2007, one person reared his ugly head and stood up to accept this “honor”. One man destroyed the dreams of hundreds, no, thousands, of people. I am referring to, of course, the scoundrel known as Matthew S. Harrison, the former producer of Death Walks The Streets. While Mr. Harrison, who was born Matt Pletcher, may be an actor of some talent, he is also a liar and a possible lawbreaker. As you know, we here at Dorkgasm do not skimp when it comes to research, and we were able to turn up a veritable treasure trove of nefarious misdeeds perpetrated by this guy. Click on the thumbnails to make them bigger

PletcherCourt2 PletcherCourt1

According to the website of Chicago’s Circuit Court Clerk website, it seems that Mr. Pletcher has been involved in a few lawsuits. One of which directly relates to his Baby Galigo film company. In 2006, Matt Pletcher was sued by Top Shelf Graphics, a multimedia company that is located in Chicago. This suit was brought before the courts in response to Matt’s unresponsive communication in regards to an outstanding bill for services rendered. What services, you ask? It seems that the current incarnation of the Baby Galigo Films website was not the first. Top Shelf Graphics designed a website for Pletcher’s then-fledgling company and they were not paid for their work. Not enough for you? How about being sued by Capital One Bank with a case that took up most of 2007? While we do not have any details on this one, it was noted that as of 9/27/07, the status of the case was “ORDER FINAL AND APPEALABLE”. We don’t know who won or lost, but it is still highly suspect. It was during this court case that the website Horror Yearbook published an article questioning the reality that is DWTS. It all started in a forum that questioned what it was all about. After wading through all fourteen misinformed pages, it was discovered that not only did Horror Yearbook get called out by Matt, but he also threatened to sue them! This would appear to not be the first in a long line of useless threats. There have been reports of various legal action threats, some money issues, and possibly even threats of physical harm. While we have not seen evidence of these, they have been reported to us. Now, just so you cannot say that this article is based on heresay, let us get back to brass tacks. Were you aware that Baby Galigo was once headquartered in Chicago? I was, and I found out something interesting. Matt stated on his blog that the production company was moving to Colorado. Wait, Colorado? Why? He never said… however it is interesting to note that the former listed business address for Baby Galigo Films was foreclosed on and sold at auction on November 30th, 2007. Could this be the real reason for the move to Colorado? I am not going to dignify that remark with another one, so let us proceed. After the “It Came From Lake Michigan” film festival in October, director James Zahn put me personally in touch with producer Matthew S. Harrison (formerly Pletcher). We discussed the movie for quite a few e-mails, but whenever he was pressed for details on the upcoming shoot, he remained mum. I pushed and pushed until he stopped communicating with me for a bit. Even my wishes for his family to have a Merry Christmas went unanswered. However, on December 30th of 2007, there was a sudden shift in the production roster of DWTS. The Official Death Walks The Streets MySpace profile announced that DWTS and Matthew S. Harrison had parted ways. It was said to be an amicable split, and both were moving on. Okay, that is all fine and dandy. I decided, in the spirit of journalistic integrity, to contact Matt and get his side of the story. Before I could, though, he posted a blog in response to the announcement saying that he and Zahn had not seen eye to eye in a long time. He also went on to say that he did not even like horror films. Now, this came as a shock to a lot of people, but not to me. See, he already clued me in on this little nugget of hypocrisy a while ago. What I did not understand was how someone who had seeming moral issues with horror movies would decide to try and produce and even star in one. This, of course, was also the year that Mr. Harrison appeared in two horror movies, Witches’ Night and Lonely Joe (which also featured one James Zahn). Can you truly appreciate my confusion at this point? I decided to stop sitting around and get down to contacting him. What I got back was nothing short of a cornered animal, fighting to keep his head about him. After I replied with stating that the tone of his previous message kind of made him look guilty, I got the e-mail that absolutely made me furious. It should make you furious, too. Matt stated, and I quote directly, “I don't give a flying fuck what you think looks bad Ken, and frankly I am so glad to have that project out of my life”. That was not even the proverbial nail in the coffin, though. He went on to say, “I could give a fuck what any of the DWTS fans think either” and “I am no longer involved with that franchise, James Zahn, or Michael Coonce, and I couldn't be happier”. Wait, I’ll just show you the message. Aren’t computers wonderful? Click on the thumbnail to make it bigger.


Yeah, he does not “give a fuck” what all of the fans think. These are the people who supported him. When Horror Yearbook went on the offensive, all of the fans defended him. Come to think of it, whenever things went a little queer, it was always the “Death Walkers” who supported and defended him so many times I bet most of them lost count. This is the thanks they get for standing by him? A big “Fuck Off”? Man, I try not to swear too much in these articles, but that fucking stinks. Seriously. He took the dreams and aspirations of a couple writers, a director, and thousands of fans and just raked them over a hot cheese grater. What a fucking douchebag. If you have not gotten the full and complete picture yet, Matthew S. Harrison is truly deserving of our “Villain Of The Year” award. Not only did he not keep his promises and pledges to the filmmakers and fans of DWTS, this is also not the first movie that this has happened with. Take an article I found on the website for Reel Chicago. It reported that Baby Galigo Films was weeks away from signing financing deals for two films worth $10 million dollars. The two films in question were a flick called “Sophmores” and Matt’s directorial debut “Two Loon Inn”. Guess what happened? Neither movie saw the light of day and the mysterious $10 million was never heard from again. Not that he actually got the money, though. I am not insinuating that. It seems like this could have been a boast to inflate an already oversized ego. This has happened more in the past and present day, as well. What is being gained from it? So far, we have been unable to find out what would motivate anyone to do this, but I have my suspicions. Suspicions that I will not name here for reasons of my own devising. Meanwhile, Matthew is still posting on the boards at imdbPro. He offers free advice on making a movie, producing, and even offers to fly people out to whatever movie set he’s working on. Huh wha?!?! How can this guy give producing advice if he doesn’t produce things? Sure, he may be producer in title, but several pictures he has lined up for “production” never ever saw the light of day. Sure, some of them have. I am not going to begrudge him that one. There have been numerous complaints about him filed with the Chicago Film Office, and a source in California has said that there may have even been complaints filed with SAG (Screen Actors Guild). This is not a person you should be taking advice from, folks. A simple look around the Internet would be able to confirm many of the stories I have mentioned. Even more confusing is his constant talk of his "studio" that is being built in Colorado. While we were unable to figure out what the hell he was talking about, we did find some interesting information about Starz! building a studio in Denver. While this is no amazing information, it does seem a little bit strange that if you read through what they have going on, the story sounds remarkably similar to the story Mr. Harrison has been telling people for some number of months now. In even more current news, Matt decided to take to his blog the other day to report that someone out there had decided to make a phony MySpace account. As per the norm with Matt, there were many threats made and while no names were mentioned, it is quite obvious who he blames. I have a firm belief that the person he suspects is not responsible, but for their privacy, I will decline to mention their name. There are two main reasons I wrote this article. One was to award our “Villain Of The Year” to someone, and the other reason was to warn people away from Matthew S. Harrison. This man is someone who will use you to his advantage and toss you aside when you are no longer of use to him. With just a little more digging, you could find even more stories than I have included here. I would be able to really shed some light on this guy and some of the awful things he has done, but I am unable to. Do the research yourself. If there are any filmmakers out there involved with Matt currently, watch for suspicious behavior. If he is interested in making your movie, please remember this article. Do not let him hurt or destroy anyone else's dreams. And now, for my Final Thought. It is a well known fact that Matthew S. Harrison/Pletcher likes to send threatening e-mails suggesting that he has some sort of power to do something. I would like to personally invite this, as I am sure that he will read this article. Feel free to address your threats and legal mumbo-jumbo to Bear in mind, however, that anything sent to this address or any other address affiliated with Dorkgasm will be posted in full on this very website with pretty graphics. Thank you.



Well fuck me my opinion does not seem to matter much as I am a deathwalks fan and have been trying to keep track of what has been going on even while I am here in Korea. What The Fuck!!!! I tell you what Matthew is lying scum and deserves the villian of the year award for raping and pillaging the hard work of people far more creative than he could ever hope to be and if he wants to send a threatening e-mail to me it's, feel free, send me what you really think cause as a soldier I could give a fuck all about somebody who takes some of things that I am fighting for and uses them as an excuse to fuck over people. You are nothing but a talent vampire or worse yet a fucking terrorist of people's hard work and aspirations so with that being said I hope you read this and decide to e-mail me not only will I post it on this site I will personally respond to anything you have to say me, I want to see how much you give a fuck when all those people who were loyal to DWTS, James and you start to use the powerful weapon in all the land, the power of media to reduce you to nothing more than a bad joke to tell at fucking lame dinner party. FUCK YOU, you wanna be hasbeen.


Life is wonderful, Dorks. In a recent blog posting on Fake-Matt's MySpace profile, the REAL Matthew S. Harrison credited myself and a gent by the name of Michael Coonce with the creation of his truth-telling profile. He said, and I quote, "Please Ken-just print all of your sources, or understand you are just as much of a liar as the people who told you all of this".

Ummm... Did linking everything I found not count?

He went on to say "There will be no threats-anyone who slanders me will ultimately answer to someone but it won't be me-I don't have time for your antics. As I told you(and you should have posted everything I said, instead of taking things out of context), I have a business to run. This stuff thrills me. It really does. You and Mike post a myspace page using my likeness, my company name, and my name and you expect no ramifications?" Well, I guess threatening Horror Yearbook doesn't count, does it? I posted a whole message, sir. If you want me to post everything, consider it done. Soon, we'll have screencaps of everything this douche-tard said so his highly vaunted "court of public opinion" can rule against him. Good times all around!

I have a joke for ya!

What do you call a production company that has a grand total of -35764.03 as it's profit margin? give up......

ITS CALLED A FAILURE, man I crack myself up sometimes.