So that's over... What a year, huh?

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know what's on the horizon here at Dorkgasm for 2008.

We will not publish a VILLAIN OF THE WEEK this week (1/4/08) because next week we are publishing VILLAIN OF THE YEAR 2007, and boy is it a doozy. Some of you have said we are the Drudge Report or Dork Culture. Just wait till next week and you'll see how true that is! Fuck the fans? All I can say is: WE ARE THE FANS!

Why so serious?

No, not a batman reference, though I am stoked about that and we will cover the shit out of it, but when someone becomes a threat to the very fabric of what we love, then we DO get serious, and you should really dig into the villain when you see it.

Also, we will be publishing "BEST OF..." lists from our writers next week. Why wait so long? First off, 2007 JUST FUCKING ENDED! I hate that other places publish their lists before the year is actually over. It's like December didn't exist, you know? Also, we like to party harder than any other journalists out there. That means we've been recovering all week.

We also plan to extend our coverage of conventions next year. Right now we are looking at adding ACEN, Gen Con, and Origins to the desination list, as well as a return trip to IT CAME FROM LAKE MICHIGAN. If you are involved in these events, be warned: We are the fans, so impressing us isn't easy... But we ARE fair, and sometimes funny.

Also look for interviews with Neil Gaiman and Jim Butcher, advance reviews of AUTOMATIC DETECTIVE by A. Lee Martinez and SMALL FAVOR by Jim Butcher.

More video reviews (I'm editing SEED right now!), more coverage of damn near everything, and the ride is longer this time!

You've bought the ticket, now stay tuned for an even better ride in 2008!

Gonzo is God
Michael Riedlinger