Thanks for all the fish

To all that have helped with this site so far this year, I give thanks!

To Joel Bolyard: Thank you sir for the level head and the shared sense of vision. Damn, we're on the right path now, aren't we? Good luck on the GRE later this year, and let's see where we can take this in the meanwhile.

To Chris Anderson: Thank you for the amazing work getting the site up and keeping it running smoothly!

To Kenneth Holm: Wow! Thank you for your endless fervor and input! You work almost as hard as Joel and I do, and the site is litered with your writing. I am proud to have been allowed to read it and publish it!

To Gerald Robinson: My first intern! Thank you for your input and feedback and for allowing us to see you grow as a writer!

To Amy Zager: Your art amazes me and we owe you for giving us a face!

To J. Sternberg: Thank you for the kind of wit I love to read in a review and the insight bourne of an imagination steeped in our culture!

To Jason Strandberg: Thank you for your support and efforts to promote from thousands of miles away!

To Jay Pletz: Thanks to you for the insight on wrestling that we never would have had without you!

To Aaron Bolyard: Thank you for showing us that your writing was never just a pipedream and for sharing your insights and informed wit!

To Travis Harwood: Thank you for the early reviews and the sharp tounge. Never has Mary Jane being a whore been funnier!

To Cheryl Kobs: Thank you for the reviews and support from the other side of the gender war. We know now that not all dorks are ugly smelly dudes, and not all blondes are vapid shopping machines!

To Dr. Sam Kog: Thank you for the, uh, unique perspective... Martini bar, eh?

To Anonymous Jones: Thanks for another, uh, unique perspective... (where'd we find those two?)

To Everyone Else (one time writers and whatnot): Thank you for the help and support. Submit more so I can write more about you next year!

To our Readers and Supporters: Thanks for reading and supporting us all through the year!

And most of all, Thanks To Sean "Itty" Fletcher for his timely support. He's shown us that, if you believe in your friends, you can make a whole lot of people's dreams come true.

You've all bought the ticket, and now we're on the ride... Let's see where it takes us, shall we?