My Brain is Full of Government Secrets By Joel R. Bolyard
            My Monday night was not wasted watching some shitty football game I could care less about. I spent it watching NBC’s new fall lineup. The first new show on the agenda was Chuck. The only new comedy so far this season, but it does have some merit. Most of the comedy the networks spew out is total crap. It’s always some office or medical comedy with the same lame jokes recycled over and over. I just wanted that opinion out there before I go any further. It appears that NBC has wised up.             Chuck is an average guy, your average dork guy. He works for the “Nerd Herd” at…. hold on a sec…. he works for the Geek Squad at Best Buy with the names changed to avoid copyright infringement or royalty crap. He plays video games and is generally smart. He’s only occasionally socially awkward and is a little hung up about his last failed relationship. He could easily be any one of you.             His life takes a strange detour when an old college roommate sends him an email. This college buddy also happens to be a rogue CIA agent who copied all the combined files of the NSA and CIA and blew up the system. Oh, and he dies shortly thereafter. The real plot hook here is when Chuck opens the file. He is assaulted with hundreds of images which, while effectively hypnotizing him, pour all the government secrets into his head.

            Both the CIA and NSA manage to trace the email to his computer. Unfortunately, the computer is broken when the smoking hot CIA agent tries to pilfer it away. While I was watching, I kept thinking I knew the NSA agent chasing Chuck. I finally got a good look at him during a showdown on a rooftop. It was (drum roll please) the man called Jayne…ahem…I mean that Baldwin guy. Yes that probably means we won’t be seeing a Firefly revival, or at least not this year.             It’s eventually determined that certain things that Chuck sees cause the information to come to the surface. It’s in this way that the CIA chick, Jay…I mean the NSA agent and Chuck stop a bomb from exploding. This is all with some help from a rogue, porn virus site as well. Yeah, that’s right, a porn site. It at least elicited a giggle from you I bet.             Rather than take him back to a lab and pick his brain, both agents agree to let him live his life, but under surveillance. Jayne…dammit…the NSA agent becomes a “Best Buy” employee and the hot CIA chick is just around a lot. Overall, it could be good. The first episode was at least exciting enough to make me watch the second. Next Monday you will find me in front of my TV. It may not be during airtime but I will watch this show again before I make my final judgment.



I will now have to check this show out, sir. I wasn't that interested before, but now that I know the Hero Of Cant... shit, Adam Baldwin is in it, I will have to have a look. Just as well, anyway. Only good thing on Mondays is Anthony Bourdain, and that's after this. I'm checkin' up on it!!

good show, BUT--

my "monday at 7" slot is filled by PRISON BREAK, so THANK GOD NBC reruns Chuck on saturday night, i watch it then.