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So, as the site slowly turns into a blog for my work instead of a general news and reviews site, I continue to write. Today I signed up for a site called 8TRACKS.COM. It's a strange little site where you can share mixes of your own music. It's music you own, mixed however you choose, and then shared. Sharing playlists is the new mixtape I guess. So, I joined and slapped a mix up today. The music was from a playlist I've been editing "Black Art" to, and it's pretty upbeat, with a bit of techno-infused R&B. Some of it is from Europe, some from the states, but it's fun either way.

So, I mentioned I'm polishing "Black Art". It's a short story that a few friends have read, but otherwise it's not been seen by anyone but my professor. That professor is Ann Angel, who is herself an award winning author and full of great insight. So much so, in fact, I'm taking another class with her this semester. She's been a great encouragement to me, so check out her work.

I also submitted another short story, this one called "Gotham", to a contest. Playboy Magazine has an annual fiction contest for college writers, and me being in college AND a writer, well... The prize is $3000, and honestly, as much as I want that, the publication of "Black Art" is more important to me. You see, if I sell that story, I can join the Horror Writers Association. From there, I can seek out advice from even more people who have "made it" in this industry. I know I'm chasing a dream, but damnit, I refuse to give up. I keep setting goals, and this is the next one. Hell, the class I'm taking with Ann this semester is on Young Adult Novels, and I already have a lot of plotting done, character descriptions written, logline, and even a symbol from the book that won't come into play until near the end. I'm also planning on doing this as a multimedia thing, where the internet is used as a way to convey more information to young readers. The weirdest part for me is that the book doesn't have a firm title yet, but I'm strangely okay with that.

So, here's the early logline:

"During the summer between freshman and sophomore year, Matt Willoughby’s mom goes into rehab and Matt is forced to live with a man he barely knows: his father. "

What I'm not talking about in that line is what Matt's dad does for a living, mostly because Matt doesn't know at the beginning either. That said, I've also written a firm set of "rules" for this universe, which includes how to kill werewolves, and what warlocks are actually up to in the world. That's my big project for the next few months. I'd say "starting Wednesday", but it's pretty obvious that I've already started working on it. I'm also still working on stories for Haunted America from Publications International, LTD. It's another Armchair Reader book, but some of these articles are kicking my ass. Turns out, the less REAL info there is on something, the harder it is for me to research it. I got stuck for a few weeks (yes, weeks) trying to track down info on FAMOUS ghosts from the Hotel Chelsea. I have five, but I need three or four more still. There's a lot of ghosts from there, sure, but it would be weird to jump from Sid Vicious to "The Ghost from room 134", so I've been looking at gathering stories about the famous ones, and it's not been easy.