Why We All Need Kevin Smith's "Red State" To Do Well | My Two Cents

Let's face it folks, times are tough for everyone. I know this all too well, and if you've been following Dorkgasm over the years, you know we've had our ups and downs. This last year has been a down. I finished college and found a job market that was in the shitter. In times like this, a lot of folks get scared. Hell, I'm scared. My phone just got shut off, and rent is due in a few weeks. This site has fallen into disrepair because I just haven't had time for it. I started going to school for my Masters because, as much as I love it, being a freelance writer isn't paying the bills. Student loans help fill the gap for me and my family of five. Other people, also scared in these hard times, turn to things that scare me more. They hate. They blame. They start seeing enemies that aren't really there.

And then Kevin Smith comes along with Red State. At first I thought he was making another comedy. Shit, all of his movies have been comedies, so that assumption made sense. Then I saw the first trailer, and I was blown away. Now, don't get me wrong. Red State doesn't look like the next Citizen Kane or anything, but it is good to see a departure from Kevin Smith because it means that in tough times he did what most don't: he changed. He could have easily made a cheap dick-and-fart joke comedy about rednecks and called it Red State, but instead he made a horror movie. When people are freaking out about jobs, immigrants, terrorists and all sorts of shit, Kevin Smith made a bonafied horror film about the things that SHOULD scare us the most, but we choose to ignore.

Back in my undergrad studies, we talked about this thing called "Unheimlich". Without going all academic on you, the gist is that we instinctively fear that which seems different from us. Unfortunately that also means we don't fear the really dangerous shit that seems familiar. That's what Smith's film is about though. Scary motherfuckers that look just like you, me and grandpa who take all their misguided, poisonous beliefs and throw them at unsuspecting victims. Look at the trailer for Red State:

See, just like us, but not. We NEED this film right now I think. We need a movie that puts us all in our place and reminds us of what MIGHT happen. The best horror and sci-fi movies have always done this anyway, and Smith, well, he's a dork just like us, so he knows that. Think about Planet of the Apes. That movie ends on the shittiest of down notes. Heston rides off into the sunset, but the camera stays with the hero, and we discover that this nightmare we just watched him live through is all our fault. Pretty deep stuff for a film about talking monkeys. The thing is, the "message" of Red State isn't the only reason we need this film right now. We need it because Kevin Smith is one of our fallen heroes, and our generation needs a fucking phoenix.

Yeah, I said fallen. Sure, Cop Out and Zack and Miri made their money back, but they were barely there. These films didn't make an impact like they should have. Before that, Smith, bless his heart, pandered to us shitheel fanboys with Clerks 2 and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, even though he proverbially closed the book on the View-Askewaverse. This was the guy who came from humble fucking beginnings and gave us Clerks and Chasing Amy for fuck sake, and we looked up to him because he made it. I looked up to him because he was a fellow fat comic nerd who loved movies and he fucking made it. But then he fell. Not that he's been hurting, mind you. I'm sure he hasn't worried about his phone getting shut off like mine just did, but he hasn't been invited to all the big shows, has he? This guy didn't get into filmmaking just to be the dick-and-fart joke king, he wanted to make important films as well. The evidence of that is all over his work if you know what you're looking for. And now, here he is, reinventing himself, and I say HELL YES!

See, if Kevin Smith can do it AGAIN, then it isn't over for our generation of ne'er-do-wells. It isn't over for me. If Red State can make an impact on us, then he still has it. Go back and watch that trailer again. That's a film put together with some god damned conviction if I ever saw one. It isn't just some slick blood-and-gore fest being foisted on us by a marketing machine, it's a work of passion, and I think that will show. I WANT it to show. I want to believe again that the end is NOT fucking nigh, and that the real boogeymen can be just the evil weirdos on a silver screen. Get up, go out, and see this when it comes out. Do it for Kevin Smith, he needs a real win. Do it for yourselves, because we all need a win to, don't we?