The State of this Dork adress...

Hey everybody, it's your old pal Haggard Ass J. I know some of you have been wondering (Ken and Mike, but hopefully more, fuck, a dork can dream can't he??) what good ol' HAJ has been up to, well here's the fat and skinny...
Haggard Ass J has been moving, a lot. I've moved in between 2 cities 3 times, and now that I've settled in at a place I would lovingly consider my home I'm ready to get back to business. Work outside of (this is not a tribute, this is, the greatest site in the wuh ha hurled) has grounded itself, and now here I am. I know I've written about having things on deck that never came through, and written about things I never promised you, but this is a new era. Haggard Ass J is back, and ready to deliver all of the hate (or less frequently love) filled reviews of all the things you may or my not (solely based on your masochistic tendencies) wish to consume. On deck, and I promise you, and these will be written, are reviews in various departments, of "In Bruges", "Role Models", (In case you missed it) Dragon Age: Origins (Video Games) Prototype Vs. Infamous (video games/media vs media, I know it's not following protocol but do I ever???) and a special surprise Villain of the Week (or month, or quarter, or however the fuck we do this anymore...)

So, if you're ready for more of my acid tongued nonsense, straight dope reviews, and/or random musings they're coming. If you just want to read more semi-subliminal in parenthesis bullshit, it will be here. Trust me dorks, Haggard Ass J is here to stay, and will continue to provide you with whatever it is that keeps you coming back, as long as he doesn't have to run from the police, participate in jury duty, fight the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, or save New York/LA/Chicago from utter demise.

Until that day,



"Haggard Ass" J. Sternberg