Coming Along Nicely

Been having a blast learning the software.

Update: Well, I've added Recent Articles, Most Popular, Hierarchical Categories, some test RSS news feeds and I'm working on user profiles. Not bad for a morning's work.

Let me know if you find any bugs, odd behavior.


What do we need

From Z to make the site pretty? I have declared November "Dorkgasm Beautification Month"... So yeah

In my most humble opinion

We need to alter the color scheme, layout and text to seem less generic and more solid. As of right now, it all seems like the text and buttons are static and alone instead of being a hardcore part of the site.
Questions, you know where to find me

You spray it

I display it. Dude, my part is throwing the created content up. I have no artistic talent. I was thinking a slate/gritty graphic novel background for the sidebars, kill the logo and the title where it is and put a new Logo Banner above it all.

But I need those graphics.

Then I can do whatever.

And we need Javascript if we want to have moving menus. That's ajax. I've never done it before but I think there are plugins.

Got it

I'll get Z working on it. Joel, any chance on coming up with the dough for Java access? May want to email the host and see about a quote...

Thank you o mighty Sysop!