Building to Dorkgasm

As you may notice, this site is heavily under construction. In fact, you shouldn't even be here. Why the hell are you here? Who told you to come here? Not me. Anyway, I'm rapidly building the entire world to Dorkgasm. Stay tuned. Update: Try and prevent a dorkgasm now!





Testing 123

Yes you, Sysop!

Sysop DID tell me to come here. Liar, Liar pants on fire.

Pants on Fire

Everyone knows I don't wear pants. Clearly you are fibbing.

No Pants

Der! You don't wear pants for a reason. Shortly after donning a pair of pants they're burned from your body in a burst of hot flames. All due to the constant lies that pour forth from your mouth.

Reasonable but untrue.

The true cause of my pantsal immolation is clearly my propensity for flatulation.