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Got Another Movie Poster... And This One Is Serious.

Hey, folks. The saga continues in 2008 with The Dark Knight. Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne, with Michael Caine en tow. One of the new additions is Heath Ledger. He plays a Joker that seems to be a different breed than what we're used to. Yeah, he's absolutely psychotic and he loves it. Personally, I can't wait. I think Ledger was an inspired choice, and while he's not Crispin Glover (my personal pick), he should be interesting. Until such time as more info is available, just enjoy the new poster!

Love it!!

DORKcast Volume One, Chapter One is LIVE!!!

That's right, Dorks! The first official DORKcast is live! Check it here until someone adds the player to the page! Which, hopefully, should be happening soon... (Sysop, I'm looking at you...)

THIS JUST IN: Special "Movie Poster" Edition!

Okay, film Dorks. Today is the day.

Coming This Week! A very special THIS JUST IN regarding movie posters!

So, since I had so much fun with movie posters, I will be posting a very special THIS JUST IN featuring movie posters for new films. I will include my thoughts on the posters and trailers (where available) and I hope it will start a dialogue.

Here's to you!

THIS JUST IN: A Holiday Roundup

Hey, Dorks. Not too much going on right now in leiu of the strike, but a couple juicy nuggets have slipped out, so we'll recap in case you missed it...

BREAKING NEWS: "Death Walks The Streets" Is Shooting In...

Attention, Dorks!

Due to some detective work by yours truly, we know where the James Zahn headed production of a little flick called "Death Walks The Streets" will be shooting...

Colorado. It's shooting in Colorado.

Now, there has been no official announcement at this point, but the new Baby Galigo site has gone live today, and right there on the header lists its location as "Colorado, USA". Man, did I call this one or what?


Dork-In-Chief Michael Riedlinger reported his review of Nine Inch Nails' newest CD Y34R Z3R0 R3M1X3D earlier this week. He gave it a shining review, saying this remix CD is more accessible to mainstream fans than the other efforts. I agree totally. Which is why I somewhat lament this.

8 Films to Die For

So far so good at the AFTER DARK HORRORFEST. The folks at the theater we are going to have been great, and the audiences all really receptive. For those that don't know, we here at Dorkgasm are not exactly quiet film goers. Personally, I scream like a little girl when zombies are involved, and no film that lapses into dumbness is safe from lampooning... I blame Tom Servo and Croooooooow. There's one day left, but the last film of each night seems to get a lot of attention from us.

Release date changes

Here some release date changes for some films that you may be interested in or may want to murder anyone that buys a ticket to go see.

- The Frank Miller directed The Spirit, being released by Lionsgate has been set for a wide release of January 16th, 2009.

- The new Harold and Kumar, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo has been changed to April 25th, 2008.

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