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The stuff I haven't finished and 2 new things to review.

The rest of ICFLM.

The 2 shitty films from 8 Films to Drink during.

My impressions of the Golden Compass.

Reviews of both AVP:R and National Treasure 2.

Yes my writing funk is at an end. No you can't give me shit for it, it could happen again.

First Impressions, Unreal Tournament 3, PS3

Okay, just gotta throw it out right here right now.
I'm loving the everlivin FUCK out of UT3 for PS3. Its fast, frantic, and all sorts of "hell yeah I just popped that mofo's head like a zit."
You'll know more when I do, probably by the weekend

Thanks for all the fish

To all that have helped with this site so far this year, I give thanks!

To Joel Bolyard: Thank you sir for the level head and the shared sense of vision. Damn, we're on the right path now, aren't we? Good luck on the GRE later this year, and let's see where we can take this in the meanwhile.

To Chris Anderson: Thank you for the amazing work getting the site up and keeping it running smoothly!

DORKcast: Chapter Four Now Available!!

Get news from New Line about "The Hobbit", plus more casting than you can shake a dead rat at! Dig it!

Princess Bride comes to mind.

R.O.U.S.'s? I mean really how often do you find a rat that could eat your cat?

Comin' At Ya LIVE With Some Snazzy New Posters!

This is becoming somewhat of a regular feature here at the old DG, so I will once again bring you some snazzy ass posters for movies you might find interesting, as well as my comments on them. Let's start on a high note!

Pissin' Me Off With A First Look At Goku In DBZ Movie!

Okay, film fans. This one is going to piss you off to extremes you haven't felt since they announced there was going to be a Dragon Ball Z movie in the first place. It seems that James Wong is out to bludgeon us with a frozen shit-sicle and hope we remain to stupified to notice that his movie sucks more than Dice Rules. Ready for some major suckage? Here ya go!

New DORKcast Entry!!! Volume One: Chapter Three!!

Hey, Dorks. We got a new DORKcast up today! Have a listen and enjoy it!

New Dark Knight Posters!!

We here at Dorkgasm have been moving quickly this morning, struggling to get this for you before they disappear from the interwebs. There's a few new teaser posters available for The Dark Knight, and we're happy to show them for your viewing pleasure!

Movie Poster Update! Check out these cool one-sheets NOW!!

Hey, Dorks! I'm back with yet another look at some sweet-ass movie posters. Since we are at the end of the year, I am currently focusing on late 2007 and all 2008 releases, and there are some pretty sweet ones out there. Let's hit the talk of the town first, shall we?
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