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Clive Barker needs your help!!!!!! --FILM NEWS--

Clive Barker needs your help if you are a fan of horror films. Mr. Barker has an adaptation of one of his short stories in "The Books of Blood" entitled "Midnight Meat Train"; starring Vinnie Jones and directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. This is to be Kitamura's first american release and the reactions of fans at early screenings of the film seem to really enjoy the film despite the fact that it is a horror movie. It seems that even Mr. Barker is pleased with artisitic interpretation of his story.

Wizard World Chicago

So, Press pass for WWC has been approved, and we should get some good coverage out of the event, though I won't be able to get there til afternoon on Friday... So far, Death Walks the Streets/Scream Factory is on my to do list, as well as the premiere of Batman: Gotham Knight. Any other suggestions, feel free to toss them my way!

Gonzo is God,

CSI Miami: Urban Hellraisers | My Two Cents

I Guess They'll Never Get It By J. Sternberg
            I originally saw the CSI Episode entitled "Urban Hellraisers" months ago, and until it showed up again on my DVR, I had pretty much written it off. All initial outrage fades when exposure is minimized, but it had to show up again, and now I have to get it out.

Where will I be tonight?

Covering the premiere of Clubless at Gurnee Cinema in Gurnee, Illinois! Show starts at 11pm, and it may be the only theatrical film I enjoy this weekend... See you at the movies!

Yes!!!!!!! More Dragon Ball Nonsense!!!

So, I brought you a picture of Justin Chatwin a little while ago in the guise of Goku from the Dragon Ball Z movie. It would seem that a lot of people thought it looked kinda... you know... Fucking stupid. Well, I have more cast pics available now, and I think we will all be able to agree that this does not inspire any confidence whatsoever. So, without any further ado, I bring to you... Joon Park as "Yamcha"

Harvey, Harvey... You're All Dirty... (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!)


So, now that everyone has had a chance to read a most interesting article about The Dark Knight, it is worth mentioning this little tidbit. Now, I found this a little bit ago while browsing on the Interwebs, and it has disappeared from a lot of places. Aaaaannddd... it ties in with Cheryl's mention of the new trailer. Now, you may recall that there may have been some mention of seeing a fleeting glance of Harvey Dent's face as Two-Face, right? Well, if you missed it, here it is in all its glory:

Welcome the next generation Horror film!!!!!!!

I received an e-mail from the fine people who organize horrorfest every year and I learned something very interesting. It seems that there was one film from the 2007 Afterdark Horrorfest that was left out because the content of said movie was too horrific for mainstream theathers, they basically refused to show it.

Coming Soon: Jim Butcher Interview and more

Sorry we took the week off without warning, but between school and life, something had to give. Very soon I should have the Jim Butcher interview up for your viewing pleasure, as well as bits from the audience Q&A he did afterward! Also, reviews from me, Ken and Cheryl, and maybe a few surprises along the way!

Gonzo is God,
Michael C. Riedlinger

Update on the Uwe hunt

The petition has now reached 203,000 signatures.
Future updates to come.
Now, come on people, can someone start a petition to end the careers of anyone and everyone with the creation of "meet the spartans"? Seriously, Uwe's movies may suck some ass, but they've never made any money, yet another "(something) movie" will come out soon, and will undeniably make enough money to warrant another one, and undeniably suck 100 times harder than anything Uwe ever did.
Just my thoughts...

Holy fuckin crap!

Alright, I loved postal as much as the next guy (if that next guy actually saw it, but holy fuckin crap, there is an online petition to stop Uwe Boll from ever making a film again. He's gone on record stating that if over 1 million people sign this petition, he'll give up.
So make your voice heard. Whether you love him (cough cough Ken cough) or hate him, (cough cough everyone Cough COUGH) this could be the end of Dr. Boll's film making career.
The petition is already at nearly 138,000 signatures.
You can "sign" the petition at

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