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Oscar Outrage!!: The Aftermath

Please Note: This is only the opinion of a lone nut living in the Wisconsin wilds. They in no way reflect the thinking of the Dorkgasm staff, editors, contributors, sponsors, or anyone else, humanity-wide. I am my own person, and as such am a big boy. I tell it how I see it, and I would expect your wussies to do the same. Beware the strong, fucking language So, here we go. Another Oscar night in the can, and nothing to show for it. Oh, sure. Heath Ledger got a posthumous Oscar for playing a comic book villian, but anyone who thinks the performance had anything to do with it is either sadly mistaken or stoned out of their fucking gourd.

Yes!!!!!!! More Dragon Ball Nonsense!!!

So, I brought you a picture of Justin Chatwin a little while ago in the guise of Goku from the Dragon Ball Z movie. It would seem that a lot of people thought it looked kinda... you know... Fucking stupid. Well, I have more cast pics available now, and I think we will all be able to agree that this does not inspire any confidence whatsoever. So, without any further ado, I bring to you... Joon Park as "Yamcha"

Harvey, Harvey... You're All Dirty... (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!)


So, now that everyone has had a chance to read a most interesting article about The Dark Knight, it is worth mentioning this little tidbit. Now, I found this a little bit ago while browsing on the Interwebs, and it has disappeared from a lot of places. Aaaaannddd... it ties in with Cheryl's mention of the new trailer. Now, you may recall that there may have been some mention of seeing a fleeting glance of Harvey Dent's face as Two-Face, right? Well, if you missed it, here it is in all its glory:

2007: The Jones Way

Wow, another year over. In my own humble and psychotic opinion, there has never been a year that has kicked me in the balls so much as 2007 did.

Just read Mike's little post, and I gotta say I'm quite beefed thinking about the fun that 2008 is going to bring all of us here at Dorkgasm. Granted, yours truly is still kind of on the outside looking in, but I aim to change all of that shit with 2008.

Pissin' Me Off With A First Look At Goku In DBZ Movie!

Okay, film fans. This one is going to piss you off to extremes you haven't felt since they announced there was going to be a Dragon Ball Z movie in the first place. It seems that James Wong is out to bludgeon us with a frozen shit-sicle and hope we remain to stupified to notice that his movie sucks more than Dice Rules. Ready for some major suckage? Here ya go!
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