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Other Site's Game Reviewers and Why They Suck

Other Site's Game Reviewers and Why They Suck By Gerald Robinson
So here's a quickie I needed to get out of my system after I read it. I was trolling reading their new reviews when I came across the review for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii. Sweet, right? I want the game and will probably have it in a week or two, so lets see what everyone is saying about it. For those of you outside of the loop, Gamespot likes to list "The Good" and "The Bad" about each game at the beginning of the review. Often times this is good enough to get a feel for everything they're about to say and occasionally the only thing you need to bother looking at.

Ratchet and Clank and the Mario Conspiracy

Disclaimer: I have completed Ratchet and Clank and have been able to put in about 6 hours of gameplay on Mario Galaxy. This is all just my opinion, but it is based on actual gameplay. PS. This is a rant and this is my blog. I don’t have to be rational and I can make wild accusations if I want to. --------------------------------------

Damn you, you dirty developers. Get your shit together.

As surprising of an announcement as it was, it came as no surprise to me that two more titles, Area 51: Blacksite and Frontlines: Fuel of War, have had some issues in development on the PS3. In the case of Blacksite this has led to a massive downsizing of the online features in the game, limiting it to join, create, and play. There won't even be standard leaderboards anymore. On the other hand, the 360 version of the game will be receiving the full treatment with ranked games, unranked games, and voice chat.

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